DVOResearch partners with some of the world’s leading health and pharmaceutical corporations to perform studies in pursuit of improving health care delivery in the U.S.

And in their on-going commitment to finding solutions for underprivileged and underserved populations, Dr. James M. Gill and his team participate in a variety of initiatives commissioned by government agencies, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. DVOResearch evaluates the efficacy of these initiatives, and develops guidelines to measure their success. A sampling of the on-going and completed projects:

DVOResearch conducted several national studies examining the impact of incorporating disease management tools in electronic medical records (EMR) in primary care settings. Research on the effect of these combined systems includes:

In addition, the DVOResearch team has performed a variety of retrospective studies analyzing EMR data for quality of healthcare, often for chronic conditions managed through ambulatory settings. Among the topics of published findings: