DVOResearch believes all people should have access to high quality health care. However, many in the United States often fail to receive adequate medical attention.

Dr. James M. Gill, President of DVOResearch, believes outcomes research can help identify deficiencies and disconnects in our health care system. This knowledge can be used to guide healthcare policy-making and close these gaps.

As a leading expert in the use of electronic health records (EHR), Dr. Gill believes data information systems are a powerful research tool and an essential component of health care. Greater EHR implementation, combined with outcomes research can lead to more efficient and effective health care delivery.

DVOResearch recognizes its role in changing policies that reach out to high risk populations, and participates in research projects that seek to improve both access to and quality of medical care for the underserved.


DVOResearch strictly adheres to the ethical principals and standards of national medical organizations.

American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics

Policies of the American Academy of Family Physicians